kitchen euforia

look - two years of cooking on the floor is over - we got the oven in place, finished the bench and today I have been cooking mungbeans, parmesan-baked endives, bread with bulghur and rhubarb pie with a little help from two chubby hands.


spring by the sea

More and more bikerides to the sea as days get warmer and the wind calmer. Little, happily jumping lambs everywhere. Thank you for all great comments lately, I am happy wild tulips make you happy too!


the wild tulips

... the wild tulips are here for a few days ...


happy things

- reading vintage childrens' books in the light spring air - the first self-portrait of my 3-year-old - spring fires - forest flowers in open windows



I saw a japanese cherry tree in bloom in a park I really like - someone just drew his first human, after a period of monkeys - I started sewing and things are growing fast in the window sill.